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Tribestrong is a brand for every woman. The leggings are produced from Spandex material which is a shape wear leaving woman of all shapes and body type that "feel good effect" SPANDEX gives every woman the "need a camera moment" it produces a feel good effect without fear of lines and rolls .

They also have a double high waist band which is what every woman loves these days. the double high waist leggings helps put just enough support on the abdominal muscle and holds those areas in place while giving the wearer a flattering look without fear of the "mama Pouch or fear of it rolling off the stomach during workout sessions.Tribe strong leggings are versatile and can also be worn while strolling the streets , running errands or while at the comfort of the home , they are designed with cleaner lines , a flattering fit and very comfortable on the skin while maintaining the main stream fashion of today for a cheaper price than most brands.

TribeStrong also helps its members with how to get active or maintain their active life style through group forums, individual training and coaching, meal and diet plans. No one is left to walk alone in this Tribe. We are family at TribeStrong, there will always be someone to hold your hands.

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