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Breaking the weekend curse 🙄

Updated: Nov 8, 2019


The weekend is a “ goal thief “ if we are not careful all we have worked hard for during the week can be lost over a two day period The weekend can wreck havoc on your waistline when healthy habits like drinking enough water and eating regular meals seem to fly off the window .

What’s more is that many people reward themselves with food for making it through their a tough week and end up overeating , drinking more alcohol . 🍺❌

Here are some ways to make your weekend as waist-friendly than your workdays

catch up on sleep deprived week days . ~~~~~~~~

—We know that sleep loss is connected to weight gain Plan on having breakfast ( we sometimes miss this during workdays as we rush through the door . Make your breakfast more relaxing and enjoy a healthy meal .This will reduce amount of calories consumed through out the day Watch the crowd you are socializing with over the weekend

—. If your crowd eats a lot then you will tend to do the same . So pick your meal before you even enter a restaurant , check their menu way ahead of time and have a idea of what you will love to eat , this will also help you with picking the right caloric content ahead of time .

If you want a dessert ,🍰 you can share it or split it . Alcohol can be a diet bomb 🍺, these are empty calories and your appetite might increase for you to eat more. One of the ways to cut down your consumption of alcohol is to alternate between drinking a glass of sparkling water ( could add lime slice or lemon) and an alcohol beverage bet the water offsets the dehydration caused by alcohol. Do something fun, go for walks with the kids , go for a massage . Use the weekend to Meal prep for the following week. Happy weekend . TGIF

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