While on her own journey of self-discovery, Tribe Strong Founder, Lutaline Fosah,  was given the vision to create a company that would build and strengthen the female gender, not only physically, but mentally as well.

Lulu was born into the native tribe of Cameroon and moved to the United States to start her family. Like many women, she spent the majority of her time caring for others before herself. While filling her roll as a wife and mother, she lost herself, and one day realized she didn't know who the real Lulu was anymore.

After a tough conversation with her physician, Lulu realized she needed to begin to care for herself in order to be able to care for her family and she started her health and fitness journey. Then God began to show her that she was not alone, this journey was meant to be shared. There were other women, just like her, who needed the support of her “sisters” to be reminded of their truth and power that they held within.

After much prayer and extensive research, TribeStrong was born. 


“We should see each other as sisters, not competitors. We should share love and not hate. Women need to embrace each other despite the flaws we see and live a life supporting other women so we can grow together. We are sisters. We are TribeSrong!”

 ~ Lutaline Fosah, Creator and Founder


Tribestrong is a brand for every woman. Our leggings are produced from Spandex material that shapes the body and leaves every woman feeling confident and secure. With a double high waistband, Tribe Strong leggings provide proper support on the abdominal muscles to aid in strengthening the core. You will feel confident and lose the fear of the "rolling waistband"  that exposes your not-so-tight belly. Tribe Strong leggings were made to stay in place. 

Tribe Strong leggings are versatile and can also be worn while strolling the streets, running errands, or relaxing at home. They are designed with clean lines for a flattering fit and are promised to match the latest trends. You will stay confident, comfortable, and fashionable, for a fraction of the price when compared to similar brands. 

Not only does Tribe Strong keep you looking good, but Tribe Strong keeps you feeling good. Tribe Strong helps its members begin or maintain an active lifestyle through group forums, individual training and coaching, and personalized meal plans. No one is left to walk alone in this Tribe. We are family at Tribe Strong, there will always be someone to hold your hand and walk this journey with you.